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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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bull market somewhere. i try to find itor you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramererndly see you tomorrow. it's wednesday, december 16th and coming up on "early today," fight night in las vegas, the insults were flying. we have the must see moments as the republicans ss battle over isis. meanwhile, hillary clinton takes donald trump to task as she lays out her own plan. hundreds of thousanan of kids return to school today after a major scare. and brazen thieves caught on tape but still on the loose. and a brush with death. and a simple act of kindness. "early today" starts right now. and good morning everybody. i'm shannon mulaire. just 12 words into last night's
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biggest topics, terrorism and trump. over the next two hours, candidates will go after each other like we haven't seenn yet. and a feisty jeb bush going after frontrunner donald trump. >> donald is great at the one liners. but he's a chaososandidate. and he'd be a chaos president. he would not be the commander and chief we need. >> he does not really believe i'm m unhinged. it's because he's failed in this campaign. nobody cares and frankly i'm the most solid person up here and all i want to do is make america great again. >> but those two weren't the stage. senator rubio and cruz went
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and how would the truce beeen trump and cruz play out. >> if i'm elected president, we will secure the border, we will triple the border patrol. we will build a wall thahaworks anan i'll get donald trump to pay for it p.. >> i'll build it. he has a wonderful temperament, he's just fine. don't worry about it. >> what you're saying right now is you believe mr. trumpas the judgment to be commander and chief. >> what i'm saying is that's a judgment for everyoter to make and all nine people here would make an infinitely better commander and chief than barack obama or hillary clinton. >> and setting the record straight, denying a 3rd party runnd doubling down just hours
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>> are you ready to reassure rerublicans tonight that you will run as a republican? >> i really am. i really am. i feel very honored@ to be the frontrunner and i think i'll do very well if i'm chosen. >> would you indorse or support whoever wins on your side? >> yes, i would. with enthusiasm. i've gottenn to knoww most of them pretty well. i like a lot of them. i can't say i love everybody. but i like a lot of them and i respect a few of them. >> twitter released its top moments. >> what i like even better is getting our smartest and best to infiltrate their internet, so we know exactly where they're going
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i like that better. [ crowd booing] >> these are people that want to kill us, folks and you're objecting to us infiltratatg theieiconversations. i don't think so. jeb is a very nice person. but we need tough people. we need intelligence andnd tough. jeb said when they come across the southern border, they come as an act of love. >> you said on september 30th that isis was not a factor. >> are you talking or am i talking? >> i'm talking right now. >> have you apologized yet? no. am i allowed to finish. >> go ahead, mr. trump. >> again -- >> governor bush -- one at a time. >> the simple fact is if you think ip tough and you're not being treated fairly imagine dealing with president putin or the islamic terrorism that exists.
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>> andou're a t tgh guy, jeb. real tough. let's see -- >> all right, then there's this, which is something. twitter says the candidate who gained the most followers, democrat bernie sanders. as the republican candidates duked it ouw, democratic frontrunner hillaryry clintnt detailed her own strategy for taking on isis. >> reporter: with fear of another san bernardino or paris-style attack i ithe u.s., now a top worry for americans, hillary clinton took on donald trump and the republicans for their rhetoric, accusing them of becoming a tool for isis recruitment. >> promiming to carpet bomb until the desert glows, doesn't make you sound strong, it makes you sound like you're in over your head. >> reporter: her plan, foil plots, enlist sillicon valley to
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tighten screening at the rders. but while clinton likes to portray herself as a national security grown up in contrast to this year's crop of republicans. >> bigotry is not credentialals. >> reporter: her policies in iraq, syria and libya that helped spawn isis and for failing toounter radical islamic popropagaa. and defense secretary ash carter visiting u.s. pilots in turkey accused russia of bombing the antiassad rebels not isis. while john kerry in moscow tried to persuade vladimir putin is
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los angeles public schools reopened after yesterday's closure of the second largest school district due to threats which, at the time, were said to be credible. >> reporter: 1,531 school properties searched and hours later, the good news. >> we can announce the fbi has determined this is not a credible threat. sfwlrks just >> reporter: just after 7:00 a.m., parents started getting reports to keep their kids at home and threat frou overseas was credible enough for the district too shut the district down and to sendschool ss. anonoer threat containing some of the same wording was also sent to new
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>> it appears to be the same email. >> reporter:r:ew york police commissioner, the former los angeles chief of police says his department is investigating the email as a hoax. a vastly different reaction than his cross country counterpart. charley beck defends the decision to leave unsurprised children out of school. >> if you knew what we knew at 5:30 in the morning when the decision had to be made ux, would u send your child to school? >> reporter: and he says the presence. investigators still don't know who made the threat. a southwest airlines plane rolled off the runway into the grass and got stuck while taxying into its gate last night.t.
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accident occurred. passengers were evacuated safely and later described their experience. >> i didn't hear any screaming. it was a bunch of commotion. >> it sounded to me like a wheel blew out but i don't know if a wheel blew out or if it culapsed. the faa is investigating the incident. eight people were takak to the hospital. raymond had just finished gassing up his car when a 12-year-old riding his bike told the man that his tire was deflated and he jumped in the car and took off. they recognized the youngster because he'd been arrested 20 times on a mix of robbery and
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and theury in thehe officer connected to the death of freddy gray and dead locks. but the judge has ordered them to continue deliberations. he's charged in the death of freddy gray after he died during a ride in the back of a police van. they say porter neglected his duty to keep gray safe and get medical care. jurors have not been sequestered. he's the first of six officers to beried relateded to frerey gray's death. the west coast continues to hog all that wintry weather with parts of montana getting over 20 inches of snow. and here in the east, we're still living in april weather with temperatures from maryland to rhode island reaching into the 60s. it's so warm that bears in vermont haven't started
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nothing g into bird feedersrs looking for a snack. i think i saw one with a picnic snack. good morning, shannon. the stories continues to be the snow in the plains and the rockies. and hopefully the roads won't be too bad for your morning commute. the next storm is coming out of the gulf. an all rain event up the east coast over the next two days. thunderstorms near houston and shreveport. during the day, this willhift into louisiana and mississippi and the southern half of alabama. by 8:00 p.m. this evening, pretty heavy rain mobile up to montgomery and a marginal risk of severe storms, maybe an isolated tornado and wind damage and then all of the rain will spread up the eastern seababrd and blew is one inch total and
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in the northeast in the afternoon. snow exits the northern plains, rain in the gulf coast, and still very warm and beautiful in florida. now a closer look at your day ahead. well, the coldest air around is in colorado and wyoming. ghess in the 20s and 30s. that's one of the only spots that looks and feels like winter. this southeast forecast is reminiscent of march or april weather. >> sounds good. well the government may do something today that it hasn't
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tax credits and reauthorizes the act that provides federal health benefits for 9/11 first responders. they're expected to pass the deal this thursday. secretary of state john kerry, after meeting with russian president, says the u.s. will not seek regime change in syria. and instead, assad can stay in power as long as the syrian people support him. both russia and the u.s. want to hold an international conference this friday at the u.n. in south georgia a small plane crashed on a house. it experienced difficulties. and luckily the two on board were not injured. the faa is investigating. and in china check out the shocking surveillance video of a tractor being crushed by a truck. and the tractor driver only
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minor injuries. let's areget down to business. the federal reserve is expected to raise the interest rate for the first time since 2006. kohl's announced it will keep its doors open for 72 hours straight. customers can shop marathon style until christmas eve for any last minute gifts. look out google, ford will start testing its self-driving hibrid sedans. the tesla part of the company's smart mobility plan. a shocking announcement as a top college coach calls it quits effective immediately. plus the lebron james highlight that really should make all the top 10 plays of the week next. il! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic)
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this morning on "today," christmas tree fires, how to avoid them and a look at the steps you can take to keep your family safe. in sports, a shocking announcement in college sports, bo ryan is quitting effectively. and he says now is the right
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36 wins last season and a loss in the championship game against duke. in boston, the cavs came to down with some big plays from lebron james as they beat the celtics. the real highlight might be this, when james took a moment to say hello to a special olympian who was featured oen the jumbo tron. he even gave him his sneakers later on. and a disappointed pete rose addressed the media on being banned from baseball yet again. saying he screwed up but after offering this. >> so, my whole life has been a hall of fame life just by association with the team mates i had. i'm the luckiest guy in the world. the next three guys up got statues at the it ball park.
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new trailer that looks like a real campaign ad. >> america, i'm only getting started. i'm frank underwood and i approve this mesesge. >> i love it. the new season begins march 4th. amazon has bob weir as their executive producer. the first trailer for fantastic beasts and where to find them is out. >> yesterday, a wizizd -- a case full of magical creatures and -- coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
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leading the newfrom the associated press, government agencies last remnants of 9/11 being given away. artifacts have been held in storage at kennedy airport. 200 items are being given away on conditions that they be accessible to the public. the hanger will be demolished sometime in the future. and, want viagra. south carolina bill would make men go through what women do with abortions. e says she wants them to know what it's like having their
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she does not pect the legislatioion to pass. some other stories we're following. police are looking for two suspects that broke intoto medicacamarijuana facility and walked off with $200 thousand in hemp products but no actual marijuana. they require marijuana beept in lockeke saves overnight. and a helicopter has crashed southeast of apache junction arizona. a search and rescue mission iss board. and items of former prime minister margaret thatcher were sold, including her blue velvet wedding dress, a red dispatch box delivered to thatcher daily
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and far more for its estimated sfiev 7500. what do polar bears dream about? we're not sure. but its's cute. it's incredibly adorable video. look at him. it looks like a stuffed animal p.p. >> look at the belly on that guy. >> dreaming about fish or whatever polar bears eat. >> we're getting into the dreaming of the seals. no. he's dreaming of his mommy. >> of course. now a look ahead. the obama administration will announce changes to the terror alert system. earlier this week, jay johnson said it would better inform the public about threats to the u.s. happy birthday to jam flumz divergent series and former law and order star, benjamin brat.
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